Monday, November 7, 2011

BBQ Tempeh and Root Vegetable Hash w/Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

This was a totally off-the-cuff recipe. I had to do something because my friend was giving me not-so-subtle hints to get off my butt and write another blog entry. This recipe utilized a very lovely convenience package of butternut squash from Trader Joe’s. It was a 2 lb bag of very nicely diced squash for $4.99. I have already made about 4 dishes with this bag of squash and I still have a little left. I also used the microwave to fast bake a sweet potato (pretty much the best use of a microwave I have come across). So, take one small red onion and dice—add to that one half of green or red bell pepper diced, and a couple of large cloves of garlic roughly chopped. Sautee in 2 tbs olive oil ‘till translucent and add 1 baked sweet potato peeled and diced, and 1 cup of cubed, steamed butternut squash. Let rest for a couple of minutes to brown and then move around with a flat spatula to get the other sides of the potatoes and squash brown.
My secret is this very inexpensive wok pan I bought at Stop and Shop on clearance. This thing fries things with very little oil, to a very nice golden color. I don’t even use a spatula to flip, rather, I just give the pan a few tosses. This is my and my daughter’s favorite new cooking tool.
While your veg are getting golden, take a package of tempeh, cut in half, and poach for 6 minutes. Then, cut into large dice. Add this to the veg mixture and toss or stir to brown the tempeh. Toss in about 2 tablespoons shelled pumpkin seeds (aka 'pepitas') and stir continuously 'till seeds start to pop (alternatively, you can toast the pumpkin seeds in a separate skillet and then add to the hash at the end).  Next, add a tablespoon of smoked paprika, two teaspoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of molasses, and 1/2 cup of water and toss or stir, cooking until sauce is thickened.
Serve with tofu scramble or eggs, any style.

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